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March -



1. Drilling fluids and new chemicals in well-drilling

2. Occupational safety and health at oil and gas enterprises. Health and safety legislation

3. Modern methods of oil/gas/water gathering and treatment. Utilization processes

1. Offshore oil and gas well drilling technology

2. Mechanized extraction

3. Well completion and extended repairs (modern technologies)

1. Oilfield equipment maintenance and repair engineering (for mechanics)

2. Modern methods of enhanced oil recovery and oil/gas well stimulation

3. Company’s internal audit and control




1. Drilling equipment repair

2. Transportation, storage, release and metering of oil products(on-site)

3. Human resources management

1. Oil and gas refining

2. Environmental protection and radiation safety

3. Document workflow in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Documents management. Archive-keeping.

Duties of the documents control officer





1. Fundamentals of oil and gas field engineering

2. Subsurface management legal matters in the RK. The latest amendments and additions to certain legislative acts

3. Effective conduct of negotiations in the course of resolving of social and labour conflicts

1. Pumping equipment for oil production. Bottom hole pumping

2. Management and administration in oil and gas area

3. Chemicalization in oil and gas industry





1. The minor works and extensive repairs of the well

2. Current problems of human resources management

3. Labour relations in the RK. Statutory regulation. Rate setting and labour compensation

1. New technology and equipment for borehole oil production

2. Eco-management according to ISO. Environmental management system at enterprises

3. Oil company financial management




1. Welding works

2. Detailed well log correlation

3. Terms of acquisition of goods, works and services for subsoil operations

1. Development and operation of oil and gas fields

2. Exploration seismology for geologists

3. Operative interpretation of geophysical and hydrodynamic data on the oilfields

1. Technologies used for cement squeeze

2. Natural gas storage and transportation management

3. Training in theoretical knowledge acquisition and practical field experience for employees working in food service industry – 5 days/10 days




1. Oil and gas field management using hydrodynamic and hydrogeological research techniques. Skin factor in oil and gas engineering

2. Crude-oil emulsions and protection from them

3. Subsurface hydromechanics

1. Geophysical techniques used for well stimulation, repair and operation

2. Well drilling and completion according to foreign technologies

3. Labour legislation (in view of recent changes and amendments). Procedure for foreign labour intake



1. Open hole formation testing. Ways, means, effectiveness. Well testing problems

2. Well control

3. Computer courses on automated design engineering



1. Dates and topics of workshops can be changed upon agreement with the Costumers.

2. A workshop is held provided the group is full (no fewer than 5 participants).

3. The course participants are provided with hand-out materials, office supplies, certificate, coffee break, hotel accommodation arrangements, help in conducting greeting and farewell events.