About Master’s programme

There is no “life-long” education system in the modern world. The pace of contemporary life makes a person raise his/her level of education during the entire life.

The postgraduate study in the Caspian University provides an opportunity to improve your professional qualification and gain advanced knowledge and skills in management, legal studies, business, geology, and oil and gas engineering.

The Master’s programme is a road to science. Those, who want to engage themselves with scientific researches and teaching, can take a great step in this direction over the years of their postgraduate study. Skills of the Master’s thesis’ writing, understanding of scientific research methods and content of the Master’s thesis itself can be successfully used while preparing the PhD thesis. And finally, the Master’s degree, as the highest level of professional qualification in the area of higher education, generates much more employment and career opportunities than the degrees acquired advancing through other levels of professional education.

Anyone, having received the Bachelor’s or Specialist degree of any profile, can enter the postgraduate study irrespective of the year of graduation. Basically, today the Master’s programme becomes a new form of receiving the second higher education. This is especially relevant for the management field, where the management personnel of different levels or management structures of organizations and enterprises do not have specialized higher education. Therefore they need an intensive and serious training in this field. And our Master’s programmes should be primarily focused on this very category.

Furthermore, we invite graduates from our university as well as other higher education institutions to get the Master’s degree in our university. We accept those who graduated this year as well as those who graduated more than twenty years ago.

The Master’s programme is carried out in the course of the full-time mode of study with the field-oriented and scientific and pedagogical training in the Russian and Kazakh languages. Training can last for 1 year, 1.5 year and 2 years.

The Caspian University has an opportunity to provide students with state-funded education as well as education on a paid basis. The students on the Master's programme are provided with a system of grants and discounts.

The Master’s programme in the Caspian University (CU) is carried out in the following specialties:

  • 6М030100 Jurisprudence
  • 6М050600 Economics
  • 6М050700 Management
  • 6М050900 Finance
  • 6М070600 Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits
  • 6М070800 Oil and Gas Engineering