About legal clinic

Legal clinic is a non-commercial institution (it may be registered as a non-commercial organization), which goal is to provide free legal assistance to the public.

As a rule, legal clinics are established at higher educational institutions in order to provide an opportunity for students to gain experience of counselling and for teachers – to support their professional level putting theoretical knowledge into practice.

The first mention of the term “legal clinic” in the foreign literature dates back to 1900, when Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung published an article by Professor George Frommhold entitled “Juristische Kliniken”. “Pointing to the great importance which clinics, existing at the medical faculties and academies, have for medical practice, Frommhold offers arranging similar clinics at the law schools, where students would not analyse fictional or outmoded legal cases under the supervision of a professor, but grant direct legal assistance to people who need it, being engaged in real, still unresolved matters.”

Objectives of the Clinic:

  • participation in the preparation of socially oriented professional lawyers;
  • improving the legal culture of citizens;
  • providing legal assistance to the poor, disabled, orphans and other categories of vulnerable citizens;
  • promoting improvement of specialist training programme quality according to the higher legal education programme;
  • promoting employment of law students, graduates
  • Based on the objectives, the Clinic solves the following tasks:
  • socialization of law students, in particular acquaintance with the problems of practical application of the provisions of the current legislation;
  • development of professional skills in students;
  • provision of legal assistance to citizens for free;
  • participation in the state, municipal, international and other programmes aimed at achieving the objectives of the Clinic;
  • systematization and generalization of practical materials, as well as promotion of application of the results of practical activities in the scientific work of the relevant departments of the University.

Legal clinic provides legal services regarding:

  • constitutional law;
  • administrative law;
  • tax law;
  • employment law;
  • social security law;
  • civil law;
  • inheritance law;
  • housing law;
  • family law;
  • land law;

Visiting hours:

9.00 - 18.00

Contact information:

+7 (727) 2506935 extension: 222